Level 1

Identified Skills : Literacy - Numeracy - Digital Competence - Oral Communication - Civic Participation

Can read and write words and simple texts.

The adult should be able to

  • use basic strategies for decoding and spelling
  • read and write short, familiar words fairly quickly
  • read and write longer and unfamiliar words and short sentences by spending more time

See Competence goals - Read and write (by Vox) (page 6) for Level 1 examples of arenas for reading and writing in private and social life, in working life, and in education and training.

Competence goals

Develop basic reading and writing strategies

At this level the adult should be able to

  • recognise, read and write individual letters as representatives of language sounds
  • split a word up into single sounds and join single sounds into words
  • write words by means of analysis of sounds and pronunciation
  • read and write longer words by focusing on the syllables of the word
  • make use of reading aids when appropriate

Read and understand

At this level the adult should be able to

  • read and understand short texts with frequent and familiar words
  • find particular information in simple written material
  • read and understand simple instructions and user manual when supported by illustrations
  • read and understand ordinary public signs
  • use a glossary to find words and spelling

Write and communicate

At this level the adult should be able to

  • write short texts by means of handwriting, text messages or word processing programmes
  • fill in a simple form
  • write a list
  • write a simple log